Mrs. McBride


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Welcome to the Nurse's Office.

My name is Mrs. McBride.

I will beginning my 11th year at Hartman.I have many jobs to insure the health of our students and staff. I give prescribed medication and monitor their effects. Injuries at school may range from minor to more serious. Staff training and review is an ongoing process to insure that the correct measures are taken in event of an injury. or other health emergency. I also address difficulties with vision, hearing and dental care. and screen students as needed. I will always contact an guardian if further follow up is needed by a doctor or dentist. I also teach Human Growth and development to grades:  4,5, and 6. Annually I review with students and staff  the importance of handwashing and care of their teeth to stay healthy. If I have any concerns about your child's health, I will contact you by phone or send a note home.  If you ever feel the need to discuss any concerns that you may have, please feel free to contact me @ 402-572-1966 .                       Mary McBride RN