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Welcome to First Grade

Welcome to room 27!

First grade is a really magical year when students have a lot of fun enjoying reading.  Stamina, the ability to read for longer periods of time, is something that they will continue to build all year.  Reading at home helps build reading stamina.  We spend a lot of our math time working with manipulatives to help students to see how numbers come together and break apart.  Our social studies focuses on our school and community.  We also improve our working together skills.  Science is my favorite subject.  We will do lots of experiments to let students answer their questions about our world.

This month in reading we have started Daily 5 and are working on reading stamina.  Be sure to read every night!

In math we are studying Number Sense.  This includes knowing the value of a number, what numbers add to get a number, and how to add and subtract numbers.

For writing we are studying nouns and how to form complete sentences.

In social studies we are creating a book about our school.  Students are filling in the book and adding their own illustrations.

We are talking about what a scientist is and what a scientist does in science class.