Celebration of Kindergarten and the End-of-the-Year!!!

The  Letter a icon Letter b icon Letter c icon's of Kindergarten

Directions: We started the year out by learning the ABC’s, so now we will end the year having some fun with the ABC’s!  Have so much fun this last week of school and try to complete a few of these fun activities to help celebrate what you have accomplished this year in kindergarten.  We miss you so much and love getting your pictures on Dojo of your learning at home!  We can’t wait to see what fun things you are doing this last week.   





Kindergarten / Week 9 / May 11-15

Letter a icon-Make AN ART project.

Letter b icon-BUBBLES, BUBBLEGUM, and BLUE Day. (Wear BLUE today.)

Letter c icon-CHALK: Go outside and use sidewalk CHALK to write sight words you know. 

Letter d icon-Have a DANCE party. 

Letter e icon-ENVIRONMENT DAY:  Pick up trash around your yard to make your ENVIRONMENT look nicer. 

Letter f icon-Eat your FAVORITE FOOD.

Find things around the house or outside that begin with A, B, C, D, E, F.  

Can you find an arrow, airplane, ball, baby doll, candy, dandelion, door, egg, elephant, fish, favorite food

What other things can you find?  

Send us a picture with things you find that begin with these letters! 

Letter g icon-GAME Day:  Play a GAME with your family. 

Letter h icon-HAT Day:  Wear your favorite HAT.

Letter i icon-Pretend you are walking on ICE and ICE-SKATE around the house or yard.

Letter j icon-Tell someone a JOKE and do 20 JUMPING JACKS. 

Letter k icon-KICK a ball to a friend or sibling. 

Find things around the house or outside that begin with G, H, I, J, K

Send us a picture with things you find that begin with these letters! 

Letter l icon-Pretend you are a LION and give your biggest LION roar! 

Letter m icon-Wear a MISMATCHED outfit and send us a selfie!   

Letter n icon-Eat some NOODLES.

Letter o icon-Color a picture with an ORANGE crayon. 

Letter p icon-Waddle around like a PENGUIN. 

Find things around the house or outside that begin with L, M, N, O, P. 

Send us a picture with things you find that begin with these letters! 

Letter q icon- Run around in the yard as QUICKLY as you can and then QUENCH your thirst! 

Letter r icon-Wear RED and READ a book. 

Letter s icon-Wear your SUNGLASSES and pretend to be your favorite SUPERHERO! 

Letter t icon-Play TIC-TAC-TOE with your family. 

Letter u icon-Sit UNDER a table and read a book.

 Find things around the house or outside that begin with Q, R, S, T, U.

Send us a picture with things you find that begin with these letters! 

Letter v icon-Watch a VIDEO.

Letter w icon-Play in the WATER.  WRITE a letter to a friend and send it to them! 

Letter x icon-Be EXCITED that summer break is almost here! 

Letter y icon-Wear something YELLOW. 

Letter z icon-Pretend you work at the ZOO and are caring for the animals!  What animal would you like to take care of??? 

Find things around the house or outside that begin with V, W, X, Y, Z

Send us a picture with things you find that begin with these letters! 

Specials - Southwood Es

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Choice Activities:  

  • Time for soccer!

  • Watch the video and test your dribbling skills. 

Supporting links:

PE at Home: Foot Trap Soccer


Choice Activities:  







Listen to Beethoven’s song "Fur Elise" and follow along with your hands! 

Sing along to your favorite song  

Check out Young Dylan’s Dance Along 

Create a mix on Incredibox 

Check out this percussion game and let me know what you think! 

Listen to a Live Online Concert 

Sing Along to This Song 

Choose the music for and have a Family Dance Party 

Practice playing your Body Drum set in Little Kids Rock 

Interview 2 people about what their favorite song is and why. 

Sit quietly inside or outside for 10 min and write down all of the sounds you hear. 

Record yourself singing/ lip syncing/dancing to Try Everything from Zootopia 

Create your own dance and share it with a friend or family member 

Build your own instrument and show off what you created 

Mix up this song 

Listen to one man Play 90 Instruments! 

Call or video chat a relative or friend and sing them a cheery song 

Dance Along 

Make up a fun, 1 minute dance and teach it to someone 

Play the Theremin 

Listen to this Disney Medley played only on plastic bottles!! 

Sing along to your favorite song from a movie

Teach a friend or family member a game you remember from music class 

Create your own music on this online Xylophone 

Explore the different instruments of an Orchestra 

Supporting links:

Free Music Icons, 2,000+ Icons in PNG, EPS, SVG formatDownloads + Media — Flipgrid



Choice Activities:  

Toy Shadows 

Materials:  Paper, pencil, pen, crayons, markers, paint, items to trace: toys or household items 


Instructions: First, listen to the YouTube read aloud for our story The Black Rabbit.

Go outside on a sunny day. Place your paper on the ground or on an outdoor table.

Position your items so that their shadows are cast onto the paper. You can create a random composition or set them up as a scene.

Trace around each item. After you’re finished tracing, draw any additional details and add lots of color!  


I’d love to see your finished artwork! 

Show it off by uploading a video to our Flipgrid!

Art Black | Free Vectors, Stock Photos & PSDDownloads + Media — Flipgrid

Supporting links:

The Black Rabbit YouTube read aloud.  

Links: Click on the links for additional activities & resources  

Joslyn Art Museum  

You can browse the permanent & temporary collections as well as their sculpture garden. 

Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts 

Offering virtual studio tours of artists’ spaces as well as overviews of their current exhibitions. 


You can contribute to a communal art project called “Tessellation” that will be compiled and exhibited at KANEKO.  

The Union for Contemporary Art  

Offering printable coloring pages from artist Alexandria Smith.  

Sheldon Museum of Art  

You can search the collection of UNL’s art museum by subject.  

Museum of Nebraska Art  

The MONA in Kearny offers a view of their collection comprised of artists from Nebraska.  

National Gallery of Art  

Offering art lessons listed by grade level if you want to create even more at home. 


Choice Activities:  

Tell Me About A Book You Have Read!  

Post Your "Book Talk" To This FLIPGRID!

Book iconDownloads + Media — Flipgrid


Login to Sora (app or website) and checkout up to 3 eBooks/Audiobooks that are "Good-Fit Books for You". 

You can use these books to Read Independently for at least 20 minutes a day!

Sora, by OverDrive - Apps on Google Play Click on icon to access site.

1)  Select OPS Student     2)  Select "Login with Active Directory"     3)  S-Login:  s _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   S-ID#:  _ _ _ _ _ _ 


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Number Line Charts | Printable number line, Number line

Science Social Studies
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  • Oral reading of directions 
  • Shortened assignments (as needed) 
  • Frequent breaks 
  • Text to speech (passages read aloud) 
  • Oral reading of directions 
  • Shortened assignments (as needed) 
  • Frequent breaks 
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