Early Childhood / Week 9 / May 11-15

Song of the week: Plant a Seed (Sung to the tune of London Bridges) 

Plant a seed and water it, water it, water it 

Plant a seed and water it

Then we’ll watch it grow.

Make sure that it’s in the sun, in the sun, in the sun 

Make sure that it’s in the sun 

Then we’ll watch it grow. 

Daily Learning Goal: 

  • What shapes do you see in flowers?



  1. Today, we are going to talk about different shapes that we see in flowers. We are going to look at the pictures of the flowers below. Study the shapes, colors, parts and sizes of the flowers you see. 

    1. For example, which flowers look alike, which flowers do you see that have a circle on them, what shape are the petals, etc.? 

  1. You can also count the different flowers. 

    1. For example, how many flowers are pink, how many are yellow, etc.? 

Flower Drawing: 

Your child can draw a flower from their imagination, from the story below, or they can try to draw a flower like one of the pictures below!