5th Grade / Week 6 / April 20-24

Learning Goals: 

  • I can summarize text using the somebody, wanted, but, so strategy  
  • I can explain the theme of a poem by citing evidence from the text 

Choice Activities:  

For Mr. Starkweather, Mrs. Olsen, and Mr. Wildman’s Students: 

For Mrs. Ryan’s Students: 



  • On a piece of paper copy this graphic organizer  

  • Watch the video to learn how to summarize using the Somebody Wanted But So strategy  

Summarizing: Somebody, Wanted, But, So, Then


  • Today you will be summarizing a video about Lewis and Clark. On another piece of paper make a copy of this graphic organizer.  

  • Watch this video and complete the graphic organizer after you watch. Take a picture of the graphic organizer and email it to your teacher. 

Time Warp Trio - Lewis and Clark... and Jodie, Freddi, and Samantha


  • Read Lewis and Clark in your reading books on page 664-675. (click on the title to read the story online) 

  • Answer the questions on page 676. You can answer them right in the book, on paper, or in an email to your teacher.  


  • Summarize the story you read yesterday about Lewis and Clark. Choose from one of the following options: 

    • Create a comic 

    • Write a play 

    • PowToon (https://www.powtoon.com/

    • Summarize using Somebody, Wanted, But, So 

    • Write a poem or song retelling the events of the story  



  • Watch this book trailer to give you some information you will need before today’s reading. 

Inside Out & Back Again Book Trailer

  • Read Inside Out and Back Again on page 208 

  • Discuss the questions on page 223 with a parent or answer them in an email to me.  


  • Watch the video to review what the theme of a narrative is.


  • Reread page 211- 215 from Inside Out and Back Again. Use the questions in Know It, Show It page 181 to help you identify the theme of this section of the book.  Send me an email telling me what the theme is and how you know, or a picture of page 181 completed.  


  • Compare and contrast Ha, and at least two other characters from the stories we have read in this module. You can use a Venn- diagram like the one below or come up with your own way to show me.  



  • We have read a lot in this module about characters coming to the United States. Go back to page 150-151 in and complete the concept map with things you have learned from the characters we read about. 


Can Turn In: 

  • Somebody, Wanted, But, So Graphic Organizer from Time Warp Trio video  

  • Lewis and Clark story questions page 676 (email to teacher or take a picture and send in email)  

  • Summary from one of the choices for Thursday 

Can Turn In: 

  • Collaborative Discussion questions page 223  

  • Know It, Show It page 179 

  • Know It, Show It page 181 –or- email Mrs. Ryan telling her the theme of the story.  

  • Picture of comparison (Thursday’s activity) 


Learning Goals: 

  • I can state my opinion and provide evidence of that opinion  

Opinion Writing:  

This week we will be writing an opinion essay. Choose one of the prompts from the list:  

  • In your opinion, will video gaming (esports) be the next big sport in the USA?  

  • What school subject is most important for kids to learn? 

  • Which is better Netflix or YouTube? Why? 

  • If you could change one thing about the world, what would you change? 

  • Which is better cats or dogs? 

  • Which is better donuts or pancakes? 


  1. Watch the video to learn about what an opinion essay is and how to use the Oreo’s to organize your essay. 

OREO Opinion Writing

  1. On a piece of paper create the graphic organizer below. Then choose a prompt from the list and complete the graphic organizer. See the example one if you need some help.  

Opinion sentence: 

Reason sentence: 

Example (give 2-3 examples): 

Opinion sentence: 



OREO Persuasive Writing with Miss Gardyne - YouTube 

Opinion sentence: I think donuts are better than pancakes.  

Reason sentence: There are many different kinds of donuts, but not pancakes.  

Example: For example, donuts  come in different shapes and sizes, pancakes only come in one shape. A second examples is donuts can have different frostings, flavors, and decorations like sprinkles. Pancakes are mostly covered in syrup and butter. A third example is donuts can also be dessert, pancakes are just breakfast food.  

Opinion sentence: That is why I think donuts are better than pancakes.  

  1. Take your graphic organizer and in Word or on a piece of paper put your essay together into one paragraph.  

  1. Reread your writing to edit and revise it.  

  1. Have someone at your house or your teacher edit and revise it for you. Make the suggested changes to your essay. 

  1. In word or on another piece of paper write the final draft of your essay.  

Can Turn In: 

Rough Draft for Suggestions 

Final Draft 

(share Word document, take a picture of written essay, or record yourself reading your essay)  

Links: Click on the links for additional activities & resources 

Scholastic Learning at Home 

Teaching Remotely for Grades K - 12 | Free Resources and Strategies

Click on your student’s grade level, there will be stories to read for each day of Week 3. 


BookFlix -- Login

Username: Learning20  

Password: Clifford 

Weekly Learning Goals:  

  • I can classify identify and classify polygons by sides, angles and vertices. 
  • I can classify and create triangles using their properties (measures of sides and angles). 

Choice Activities: 

This week we have put together a few different activities for you and put them together in the links below. Once you open the link you can click on the videos and other activities for the lesson.  


Polygons: Click here for link to Polygon Activities   



Triangles: Click Here for Triangle Activities 

Can Turn In: 

Polygon Flipgrid 

Triangle Seesaw 

Polygon and Triangle Quizizz 

Practice Book pages 

Links: Click on the links for additional activities & resources 

Khan Academy 

Khan Academy on the App Store

Click Sign up to create a free parent account and have your child begin with Grade 5 Math 


Click Sign up for a free account. It is important to focus on thinking strategies instead of speed when helping students develop fluency. 

ABCya! • Learning Games and Apps for Kids

Educational games and activities to practice reading 

Premium Memberships | Prodigy Game

Student can log in with their username and password 

Mr. Nussbaum’s Math Games 

Practice customary capacity: Artie Ounces Soda Jerk 

Educational math games. 

Weekly Learning Goal: 

  • I can retell the events of the Revolutionary War  

Choice Activities:  

  1. Watch this video from Mr. Starkweather: 

    1. The American Revolution

  1. Respond to the video by answering these questions: 

  • What is a democracy? 

  • Why did the colonists rebel against Great Britain? 

  • Would you  have rather lived in Great Britain under the rule of a king or in the United States in a democracy? 

  • Imagine you are a slave in 1776 when the Declaration of Independence is signed. How do you think you would have felt? 

  1. Complete the online reading comprehension activity: 


  1. Research ONE of the main events from the American Revolution.  Draw a picture of the event with a short paragraph explaining what happened.  


-Battle of Lexington and Concord 

-Battle of Bunker Hill 

-Stamp Act 

-Townshend Acts 

-Boston Massacre 

-Boston Tea Party 

-Paul Revere’s Ride 

-Declaration of Independence 

Can Turn In:  

  • Email your teacher responses to questions 

  • Take a picture of your reading comprehension score. If you are unable to do so, just tell us what your score was 

  • Picture of event with paragraph  

Links: Click on the links for additional activities & resources  

Follow this link to watch "Liberty Kids", this is a show about the American Revolution that is told through the eyes of kids.  The Boston Tea Party episode is the first one.  



Weekly Learning Goal:  

  • I can explain the brightness of the sun and the stars.

Choice Activities:  

Does distance affect the brightness of a star? 


Activity 1: Experiment  

Materials: flashlight, 1 sheet of paper, and tape.  


  1. Tape the sheet of paper onto the wall.  

  1. Shine the flashlight close to the paper. Notice the brightness of the light on the paper. 

  1. Take 3 steps back. Notice what changed with the light’s brightness.  


       Answer these questions based on what you saw during the experiment:  

  • What did you notice about the brightness in step one?  

  • How did it change when you moved 3 steps back? 

  • How does this help you think about the brightness of the stars?  


Activity 2: Observations 

Look at the sky at night. Draw a picture or take a picture of what you see. Do this for 3-4 nights in a row around the same time at night. Do you notice any patterns? 


Activity 3:  Crash Course Kids 

  • Watch the video about the sun and then take the Quizziz about the video to see what you learned.  

Here Comes the Sun: Crash Course Kids #5.1

  • Watch the video about following the sun and then take the Quizziz about the video to see what you have learned.  

Following the Sun: Crash Course Kids #8.2


Activity 4:  

Read pg. 238-242 in your Science book. Answer the lesson check on pg. 242. Write a summary of what you have read in your science book or on another piece of paper 

Can Turn In: 

  • Answer the questions from the experiment. 

  • Summary of the reading  

Links: Click on the links for additional activities & resources  

Bill Nye the Science Guy S02E13 The Sun

Bill Nye the Science Guy teaches you all about the sun!  

Specials - Southwood Es



Library / Library Happenings

Email or Message Your Teachers on Class Dojo

  • Mr. Frazier                  (Music)           jonathan.frazier@ops.org
  • Mr. Jones                    (Counselor)     thomas.jones@ops.org
  • Ms. Schermerhorn      (Art)                nicole.schermerhorn@ops.org
  • Miss Spizman             (PE)                 beth.spizman@ops.org
  • Ms. Wells                    (Media)           ashley.wells@ops.org


Choice Activities:  

  • Watch the video for this fun paddle game.  If you can’t make the paddle, you could just use a paper plate or even a magazine.  I know you all have socks, because I’ve smelled them before.  

😝Have Fun!  I miss all of you!!!💓

Supporting links:

PE at Home: Birdie in the Cage from OPEN Physed


Choice Activities:  

  • Create your own instrument from stuff at home! Tap two spoons together. Shake a box of cereal. Bang two pillows together. Be creative.  

  • Listen to the song from the video provided. March around your house to the video. 

    • Can you name what movie the song is from? 

    • Can you make your march look very evil to match the music? 

  • Create your own rhythm pattern that includes 4 heartbeats. (If you forgot the rhythms we know, look back to the lesson from the week of April 6-10.) Once you have your rhythms, use your homemade instrument and play your rhythms. 

    • Share your rhythms and instrument on Flipgrid!! 

Supporting links:

Free Music Icons, 2,000+ Icons in PNG, EPS, SVG formatDownloads + Media — Flipgrid



Choice Activities:  

Extreme Close-up

Materials:  Paper, pencil, pen, crayons, markers, paint, or computer, chosen object 

Instructions:  Begin by clicking the link for the trailer of “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids”. While you’re watching, imagine being extremely small. How would ordinary objects look different? 
Click on the provided links to see examples of Sarah Graham’s close-up paintings. The objects appear to be bigger than they actually are, which makes us feel smaller than we are.  
Choose an object from around your house. This can be a bag of chips, a shampoo bottle, or even a plastic toy. Instead of drawing the entire object, we want to emphasize (draw attention to) only one section of it. *I like to put tape around the section that I plan on drawing. 
Once you’ve picked out the section that you want to emphasize and make bigger, begin by drawing what you see. Remember, you’re drawing it as if you are small and the object is very large, so draw everything bigger than you think you need to.  
Once you’ve drawn your object, you can color with whatever media (materials used to create art) you chose. 


I’d love to see your finished artwork! Show it off by uploading a video to our Flipgrid!

Art Black | Free Vectors, Stock Photos & PSDDownloads + Media — Flipgrid

Supporting links: 

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids movie trailer that shows what the world might look like if you were the size of an ant.  
Chupa ChupsCupcakesCrayonsMarble click on each link to see examples of Sarah Graham’s close-up paintings.  


Links: Click on the links for additional activities & resources  

Joslyn Art Museum  

You can browse the permanent & temporary collections as well as their sculpture garden. 

Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts 

Offering virtual studio tours of artists’ spaces as well as overviews of their current exhibitions. 


You can contribute to a communal art project called “Tessellation” that will be compiled and exhibited at KANEKO.  

The Union for Contemporary Art  

Offering printable coloring pages from artist Alexandria Smith.  

Sheldon Museum of Art  

You can search the collection of UNL’s art museum by subject.  

Museum of Nebraska Art  

The MONA in Kearney offers a view of their collection comprised of artists from Nebraska.  

National Gallery of Art  

Offering art lessons listed by grade level if you want to create even more at home. 


Choice Activities:  

Help Kids Post, Comment, and Upload Responsibly