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How to Get Started on Seesaw with Home Learning (V2)

2nd Grade / Week 6 / April 20-24

Read 20 minutes every day.  

Daily Writing Journal:  Create a daily writing journal. 

Write about anything you want. You can also journal about your daily learning: 

  • What will you do when the weather gets warmer? 

  • Write a poem about your favorite food. 

  • What did you learn? 

Weekly Learning Goal: 

  • Make predictions about what will happen next in the story.  
  • Learn about poems 

Choice Activities: 

  • Read the story The Mysterious Tadpole Lesson 26 in Journeys page 350–370 as you are reading think about what will happen next. This is a silly non-fiction story from Steven Kellogg.  

    • Stop and guess what will happen next with Louis and his tadpole Alphonse. 

The Mysterious Tadpole Read Aloud

Another Version of this Story


*Teacher note- synonyms are words that mean about the same thing

example:  mysterious- puzzling, strange, peculiar, curious, or odd 

  good- great, delicious, flavorful or mouthwatering  

Add some synonyms to your poem this week 


  • Write poems about your day or family. Write a poem about your favorite food. 

  • Do a couple pages in your handwriting book.  

  • On Epic! Books read or listen to these books