1st Grade / Week 8 / May 4-8


Weekly Learning Goal: 

  • Students will spend 60 – 90 minutes daily doing literacy activities – reading, listening, speaking, writing, and technology 
    • Read To Self for 15 minutes every day.  

      • Use books from your book box, your green Journeys books, or EPIC! books website 

    • Listen to Reading for 15 minutes every day

      • A parent can read to you, use a website like Storyline Online, Bookflix, YouTube or EPIC! 

    • Daily Writing for 15 minutes every day 

      • Do free writing about you and your life with a drawing to match.  

      • Do a page in your handwriting practice book 

Additional Literacy Activities: Please choose 1 or 2 tasks to do each day  

  1. Predict & Listen to the story, The Kite, using the link below.  

Before you listen to the story, look at the front cover and say what this story could be about and why you think so.  Then listen to the story and see if your prediction was right!  

 The Kite from Days with Frog and Toad


  1.  Retell the story to someone in your family, a pet or a stuffed animal. Be sure to use these sentences to help you: 

  • The title of the story is ________________ 

  • It is a fiction story that takes place ___________________________

  • The characters are ___________________ 

  • A problem Frog and Toad have is ___________________________ 

  • They solved their problem by ____________ 

  • I think Frog was a good friend to Toad because ________________


     3.  Create your own kite.  Click the link to see 10 different kite crafts you can             make at home.  



Can Turn In: 

Take a picture or video of any activity you do and load it to the “Portfolio” or “Messages” tab on Class Dojo  

     4.  Watch the video on fact and opinion Fact or Opinion for Kids *UPDATED*


Now You Try It – Write your own fact sentence and opinion sentence about strawberries. Facts are true and opinions are just what YOU think/feel. 

Free Strawberry Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on ... 

Fact:  Strawberries are _______________________________. 

Opinion:  Strawberries are ____________________________. 

Take a picture of your fact and opinion sentences written on paper or take a short video where you tell your fact and opinion. Then load it to Dojo 


     5.  Watch the video on the Long I sound – spelled with ‘ie’ ‘igh’ and ‘y’ 

IE I-E -IGH -Y | Similar Sounds | Sounds Alike | How to Read | Made by Kids vs Phonics


Now You Try It – Fold a piece of paper into 3 parts. Label one part –igh, one part -y and the other part –ie.  Sort the words below into the correct sound/spelling category.  

cried                   high                        pie                     my 

fly                                    bright                         try 

        light                  sky                     tie               night 















Take a picture of your words written on paper and load it to Dojo 


     6.  Create drawings for some of the words from each category above. 

Mrs. Urbanski’s Example 


Take a picture of your drawings and load it to Dojo 

StorylineOnline - SchoolTube - Safe video sharing and management ...

Online library for listening to reading 

BookFlix -- Login

Online library for listening to reading 

Login - Study Island

ABCya! • Learning Games and Apps for Kids

Educational games and activities to practice reading skills 

Weekly Learning Goals:

  • Students will identify 2D shapes within figures. 
  • Students will create figures using multiple 2D shapes.

Choice Activities: