1st Grade / Week 6 / April 20-24

Weekly Learning Goal: 

  • Students will spend 60 – 90 minutes daily doing literacy activities – reading, listening, speaking, writing, and technology 
    • Read To Self for 15 minutes every day.  

      • Use books from your book box, your green Journeys books, or EPIC! books website 

    • Listen to Reading for 15 minutes every day

      • A parent can read to you, use a website like Storyline Online, Bookflix, YouTube or EPIC! 

    • Daily Writing for 15 minutes every day 

      • Do free writing about you and your life with a drawing to match.  

      • Do a page in your handwriting practice book 

Additional Literacy Activities: Please choose 1 or 2 tasks to do each day  

     1.  Listen to the story, The Dot, click on the book below. Be sure to listen to the other books written by Peter Reynolds on YouTube and EPIC! books too. 


     2.  Retell the story to someone in your family, a pet or a stuffed animal. Be sure to tell about: 


     3.  Create your own “Dot Art” - watch this video from the author of The Dot and then go see where your imagination will take you! 

Ready Set Draw-ish! Peter H. Reynolds' THE DOT

Can Turn In: 

Take a picture or video of any activity you do and load it to the “Portfolio” or “Messages” tab on Class Dojo  

     4. Watch the video on context clues then see if you can figure out what the underlined word means in the sentence below.  

Context Clues | Award Winning Context Clues Teaching Video | Comprehension & Reading Strategies

Now You Try It – Listen to the story, The Dot, then use the picture clues and context clues to help you with the sentence below. 

Vashti grabbed a marker and gave the paper a good, strong jab

What does the word jab mean in that sentence? 

Write it down or tell someone what it means and how you figured it out. 

Take a picture of your sentence written on paper or take a short video where you explain what the word means and load it to Dojo 


     5.  Watch the YouTube video to review –ed and –ing word endings. Then see if you can write the words below with an –ed and –ing at the end. 

eSpark Learning: Inflectional Endings (KL4b Instructional)

     Now You Try It – Write the words below with an –ed and –ing ending. 

  • Play    _________    __________ 

  • Pick    _________    __________ 

  • Kick   _________     __________ 

  • Fix      _________    __________ 

Take a picture of your words written on paper and load it to Dojo 


     6.  Poetry Introduction on BrainPOPjr. 

Brain Pop Jr.

Educational video and activities to begin learning about poetry 

Storyline Online 

StorylineOnline - SchoolTube - Safe video sharing and management ...

Online library for listening to reading 


BookFlix -- Login

Online library for listening to reading 

Study Island 

Login - Study Island


ABCya! • Learning Games and Apps for Kids

Educational games and activities to practice reading skills 

Weekly Learning Goal: 

  • Students will identify 3D shapes and categorize them correctly. 
  • Students will create an object using multiple 3D shapes. 

Choice Activities: 

  • These are 3D shapes.  Look around your house for examples of each type of shape.  You can take pictures of what you find or draw them on a chart.  

  • Use the shapes you found around your home.  Put them into three categories- flat surfaces only, curved surfaces only, flat and curved surfaces 

Here is an example: