1st Grade / Week 5 / April 13-17

  • Read To Self for 20 minutes every day.  

    • Use books from your book box, your green Journeys books, or EPIC books website 

  • Listen to Reading for 20 minutes every day. 

    • A parent can read to you, use a website like Storyline Online, Bookflix, YouTube or EPIC 

  • Daily Writing Journal:  Create a daily writing journal with a drawing to match.  

    • Write about what you like to do, what you think or what you feel 
    • Write about who or what you love 
    • Write something nonfiction: A How-To or All About Book 
    • Write about a story you heard or read 

Weekly Learning Goal: 

  • Students will spend 60 – 90 minutes daily doing literacy activities – reading, listening, speaking, writing, and technology

Choice Activities:

  1. Use the YouTube link below and your green Journeys book to listen to Lesson 25 – The New Friend    

  1. Retell the story The New Friend to a parent, brother or sister.  Be sure to tell: 




First, Next, Then, Last 

  1. Practice words that mean the same and opposite (Synonyms & Antonyms)  Watch the video and do the activities on BrainPOPjr.  

  1. Fold a piece of paper into 4 boxes.  Draw a picture to match these synonym pairs – friend/pal     big/large    work/job     messy/dirty 

  1. Login to Study Island and do the practice items for Synonyms 

  1. Use the YouTube link below to learn about prefixes –un and –re 

  1. Write an acrostic poem using one of your friends’ names or your own name.  See Example below


Can Turn In: 

Take a picture or video of any activity you do and post it to the “Portfolio” tab on Class Dojo  

Links: Click on the links for activities & resources 

YouTube link for Lesson 25 story – The New Friend 

Watch and listen to follow along with the story 




Educational videos and activities to practice synonyms and antonyms 

YouTube Video for prefixes –un and –re

Educational video for prefixes 

-un and -re 

Storyline Online 

StorylineOnline - SchoolTube - Safe video sharing and management ...

Online library for listening to reading 


Scholastic BookFlix

Online library for listening to reading 

Study Island 

Login - Study Island


ABCya! • Learning Games and Apps for Kids

Educational games and activities to practice reading skills 

Weekly Learning Goal: 

  • Students will learn how to read and create picture graphs, bar graphs, and tally charts. 

Choice Activities:

  • Go Math big book Chapter 10 Lessons 10.6, 10.7, Chapter 10 review  

  • Students can create their own tally chart using paper and a dice. Write each number on the dice (1-6) roll the dice 25 times and write a tally by the number you roll each time. Then answer the following questions: 

    • Which number had the most rolls?   

    • Which numbers had fewer than 8 rolls? 

    • Which number had the same amount of rolls? 

    • Which number had the least amount of rolls? 

  • Use this picture and create a bar graph based on how many butterflies, umbrellas, rainbows, bird nests and kites you count. 

  • Answer the following questions: 

    • What is there the least of? 

    • What is there the most of? 

    • How many kites and nests are there altogether? 

    • How many umbrellas would you have if there were 12 more?  

Can Turn In (take a picture and submit on Dojo using portfolio): 

  • Student created tally chart  

  • Chapter 10 review/test pg 441-444 

  • Bar graph and questions based on picture 

  • Screen shot from thatquiz result 

Links: Click on the links for additional activities & resources 

YouTube link for reading bar graphs 

 Use this video to learn how to read bar graphs.

Study Island 

Login - Study Island

Students can log in with their username and password 


Fuzz Bugs: Creating and Interpreting a Bar Graph • ABCya!

Use this link to play an educational graphing game

Premium Memberships | Prodigy Game

Student can log in with their username and password 



Students can take this quiz on pictographs. Take a screenshot when they finish the quiz and post on Dojo portfolio 

Kahoot-1st Grade Data and Graphing Quiz!

Five Things Parents Should Know from the Kahoot! Survey: "Data ...

Or use this id 08444618 

Students can access Kahoot using this link to practice answering questions about graphs 

BrainPOPjr. : Tally Charts and Bar Graphs

BrainPOP Jr. - Mrs. Bevill Computer Technology Teacher

BrainPOPjr. : Pictograph video