We care. We teach. We excel.


As a School, we will…
provide quality instruction
• provide parent-teacher conference opportunities every fall and spring
• provide written and oral communication
• provide family nights to foster communication about academic expectations, provide tools for families, and to build community
• provide a safe and secure learning environment
• teacher good character by modeling Hartman’s Expectations

As a Student, I will…
• complete assignments on time and ask questions if I have a problem
• be safe, respectful, and responsible
• resolve conflicts in a positive way
• talk to my family about what I am learning in school
• come to school with a positive attitude ready to learn
• demonstrate food character

As a Family, we will…
• attend school events and parent-teacher conferences
• ensure regular attendance and expect proper behavior
• support Hartman’s expectations
• monitor homework completion and encourage daily reading
• communicate with the school about our child’s progress
• provide a safe home
• support and model good character